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How does ePost differentiate between private individuals and business customers?

Private individuals and business customers have different needs when it comes to their mail. There are therefore two separate offers. ePost for private individuals was designed as a mobile app for smartphones (subscription costs). ePost for SMEs is a pure web solution (no subscription but only prices per transaction). There is currently no mobile app for business customers.

How much does ePost cost for business customers?

Receiving digital mail from companies or authorities that are already integrated as senders in ePost is free of charge. There are also three additional paid services: the "Scanning service" (receiving), the "SmartSend" service (sending) and the eArchive (archiving), which you can activate on top. 

Is ePost the same as E-Post Office?

No, ePost is a new service that has emerged from Swiss Post's partnership with KLARA Business AG. The former E-Post Office was retired on 1 August 2021.

Who is behind ePost?

Swiss Post and KLARA Business AG, a Lucerne-based software company that has been a subsidiary of Swiss Post since October 2020. 

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Making a start with the Digital Inbox

What are the first steps for making a start with ePost?

Follow these instructions to get digital post right away. To instructions

How do I set up my company profile and the digital private letter box?

In your ePost account, we first invite you to verify your company. To do this, enter your correct company address (the one on the letterbox) in the "Company" section. Confirm the entry and you will receive an authentication code by post within 3-4 days, which you enter here to finally authenticate the company for ePost. 


What happens if I change my address or profile details at a later date?
For security reasons, the digital inbox and the scanning service will be paused. Re-verification is required and can be requested again in the account. You will then receive another code by post, which will reactivate the service if successfully entered.
Who can I already receive digital post from free of charge in ePost?

Vaudoise, LuTax (the tax administration of the canton of Lucerne) and the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes are already using the digital letterbox. And new senders are being added all the time. 

Anyone who wants to receive more digital mail today has the option of subscribing to the paid scanning service for business customers.  To the scanning service. 

To Scanning Service

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Working with the Digital Inbox

Can I activate more users for the Digital Inbox?

Yes, in the "User management" of the digital inbox, you can enter other users as an "administrator", assign access rights or delete users.  Learn more

Where do I find my digital post?

Log in to the ePost web service at using your login details. You will see your digital inbox there. You can search for letters and process them from there.

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The Scanning Service for business customers

When is the “Scanning Service” useful for business customers?

More and more companies and authorities are delivering to the digital inbox. If you already want to receive the majority of your business mail digitally in ePost, it is worth subscribing to the scanning service. There are many reasons for this: time and cost savings, increased efficiency, access to your ePost from anywhere, environmental friendliness, to name but a few.

How do I see whether my Scanning Service is active?

To ensure that your scanning service is active, please check your subscription in the Widget Store.

In the Widget Store, all activated offers are labelled "subscribed". If this overview is not sufficient for you, you will find a selection of your activated widgets under "My widgets".

How much does the “Scanning Service” cost for companies?

Here is a summary of the costs: 

  • The cost of scanning is CHF 0.80 per letter/excl. VAT. 
  • the automatic forwarding of non-scannable content costs CHF 2.50 per letter/excl. VAT
  • ordering an original letter in paper form CHF 5/ excl. VAT per letter (possible within the retention period of 25 days).
The costs are charged monthly.
What kind of post is not scanned by the Scanning Service?

All letter contents that are not made of paper but other materials, e.g. SIM cards, CDs, USB sticks, plastic cards, ID cards, badges, etc., cannot be scanned. 
Letters with a PIN code, money, tickets, personal vouchers, cheques or if the format is larger than A3 or smaller than A6 will also not be scanned. If the contents of a consignment cannot or may not be scanned (these are BU or GU consignments), it will be physically forwarded to the recipient at a charge (CHF 2.50 per letter/excl. VAT).

What happens to consignments with physical objects?

Consignments containing physical items (such as passports, credit cards, etc.) are forwarded to the recipient on the same day by A Mail at CHF 2.50 each and arrive at their domicile 1-2 days later.

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All about “SmartSend”

How does the “SmartSend” service work?

With "SmartSend", you can send letters or invoices that you have created digitally at the click of a mouse. We then do the rest for you: Your letter is printed, enveloped, stamped and sent. It could hardly be more convenient. SmartSend now sends letters via various channels (ePost, physical).

What requirements must my document fulfil so I can send it using “SmartSend”?

We process PDF document types in A4 format, such as: Quotations, contracts, invoices with ISR and perforation or QR invoices, as well as payslips.

Can I have the envelope printed individually?

No, not yet. This service is under development.

Can several people in my company send their mail items with “SmartSend”?

Yes, multiple users can send on behalf of a company. SmartSend data is processed on servers in Switzerland. For data protection reasons, all customer data is irrevocably deleted no later than 12 hours after the consignments have been printed.

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Where will my data be stored?

All data and documents from you or your customers undergo multi-level encryption and are stored in Switzerland. Only you can read and edit your post; this also applies to KLARA employees.

How secure is ePost and the scanning service?

ePost is bound by Swiss Post’s IT and data security standards.

  • Verifying your identity is a multi-stage process
  • Two-stage authentication is required during login
  • Your documents are encrypted in such a way that only you can see and read them
  • Communication in the ePost system is also encrypted and incoming post is checked for viruses, which makes it more secure than communicating by e-mail. In other words, you can open and process letters without a second thought.

What happens with the data that is processed with “SmartSend”?

This data is processed on servers in Switzerland and is secured by a multi-stage process. All customer data is permanently deleted at the latest 12 hours after printing the mail items.

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