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How does ePost differentiate between private individuals and business customers?

When it comes to their post, private individuals and business customers have different needs. That’s why there are two separate services. ePost for private individuals was designed as a mobile app for smartphones. ePost for SMEs is a pure web solution (there is no mobile app yet for business customers).

How much does ePost cost for business customers?

Digital post is free of charge from companies or authorities that are already integrated as a sender in ePost.

Furthermore, there are two supplementary paid services, the “Scanning Service” for companies and the “Print&Send” service, which you can subscribe to in addition.

Is ePost the same as E-Post Office?

No, ePost is a new service that has arisen from the partnership between Swiss Post and KLARA Business Ltd.
The former E-Post Office was discontinued on 1 August.

Who is behind ePost?

Swiss Post and KLARA Business AG, a software company based in Lucerne, Switzerland, which has been a Swiss Post subsidiary since October 2020.

Making a start with the Digital Inbox

What are the first steps for making a start with ePost?

Follow these instructions to get digital post right away. To instructions

How do I set up my company profile and the digital private letter box?

First, you must verify a company in your ePost account. To do this, enter your correct company address (which is also for your private letter box) in the “Company” field. Confirm the entry, and an authentication code will be sent to you by letter within three to four days. You must enter the code here as final authentication of the company for ePost.

Your Digital Inbox will then be prepared and activated by the date you have chosen. The earliest date for activation is three weeks after your Digital Inbox has been registered.

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What happens if I change my address or profile details at a later date?

For security reasons, the Digital Inbox and the Scanning Service are paused. Renewed verification is required from you and can be requested by you in your account. You will subsequently receive a new code by letter, which will reactivate the service when entered successfully.

Who can I already receive digital post from free of charge in ePost?

Vaudoise, LuTax (Tax Office of the Canton of Lucerne) and Fédération des Entreprises Romandes already use the digital letter box. And new senders are being added all the time.

Those wishing to receive more digital post today have the option of subscribing to the paid Scanning Service for business customers.

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Working with the Digital Inbox

Can I activate more users for the Digital Inbox?

Yes. Under “user administration” in the Digital Inbox, you as the “Administrator” can enter other users, assign access rights or delete users. Find out more

Where do I find my digital post?

Use your login details to log in to the ePost web service at Here you can see your Digital Inbox, search for letters and process them from there.

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How can I search for a letter?

In the Digital Inbox. Click on the “search” button and use possible filters, such as time period or date of receipt, to make the search more efficient.

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If needed, can I also request a letter in paper format?

A letter that has been issued digitally can be ordered directly in ePost via the “request mailing” menu for a fee of CHF 5.

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The Scanning Service for business customers

When is the “Scanning Service” useful for business customers?

ePost is still in its infancy. The number of companies and authorities that deliver their post to the Digital Inbox is therefore still small. But this is continually increasing. If you would like to receive most of your business post digitally in ePost, it is worthwhile subscribing to the Scanning Service.

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How do I see whether my Scanning Service is active?

To ensure that your Scanning Service is active, check your subscription in the Widget Store and your redirection with Swiss Post.

All activated services are marked as “subscribed” in the Widget Store. If this overview is not enough, a selection of your activated widgets can be found under “my widgets”.

How can I collect a scan and mark it as “collected”?

Mail items that have already been downloaded can be marked with “Collected”. Instructions about the data that makes repeated selection unnecessary can be found here.

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How much does the “Scanning Service” cost for companies?

Here is a summary of the costs:

- The costs for scanning are CHF 0.80 per letter, plus VAT.
- Automatic forwarding of content that cannot be scanned costs CHF 2.50 per letter plus VAT.
- Ordering an original letter in paper format costs CHF 5 plus VAT per letter (possible within the 25-day storage period).
Costs are charged monthly.


What kind of post is not scanned by the Scanning Service?

All letter content that is not on paper but consists of other materials, e.g. SIM cards, CDs, USB sticks, plastic cards, passes, badges, etc., cannot be scanned.

Letters with PIN codes, money, tickets, staff vouchers or cheques, or with a format larger than A3 or smaller than A6 are also not scanned.

If it is not possible or permitted to scan mail content, it is forwarded physically to the recipient.

What happens to consignments with physical objects?

Consignments with physical objects (e.g. passes, credit cards, etc.) are forwarded to the recipient for CHF 2.50 per item at the latest on the following day

All about “Print&Send”

How does the “Print&Send” service work?

With “Print&Send”, letters or invoices that you have created digitally can be sent to Swiss Post for dispatch with a click of the mouse. They then manage everything else for you: your letter is printed, put in an envelope, franked and sent. It could hardly be more convenient.

Print & Send data is processed on servers in Switzerland. All customer data is permanently deleted at the latest 12 hours after printing the mail items.

What services are included in “Print&Send”?

“ePost Print&Send” combines two services that relate to the topic of “sending letters” and are intended for different mailing volumes.

The Printer Driver is ideal for individual mail items that have been created using MS Office (Word, mailshots, PDF, Excel, PPT).

The online solution “Doc2Print” is ideal for bulk mailings in PDF format, e.g. invoices that have been generated by an ERP system.

What requirements must my document fulfil so I can send it using “Print&Send”?

We process document types in A4 format.

- With the Printer Driver: all MS Office formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF
- With Doc2Print: PDF only

Examples of mailings are: offers, contracts, invoices with ESR, perforations or QR codes, payslips.

Can I have the envelope printed individually?

No, not yet. The service is under development.

How much does “Print&Send” cost?

The cost for each letter sent start from CHF 1.30. The prices comprise the following elements:

- Processing and stuffing envelopes
- Printing costs
- Swiss Post shipping costs (e.g. A Mail)

On the other hand, you save the cost of the envelope, paper, printing, stamps and a trip to the post office. The bottom line is that it’s not only more convenient but also cheaper. These services are charged in the monthly invoice.

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Can several people in my company send their mail items with “Print&Send”?

The Printer Driver can be installed on several PCs. With a single login, several people can send items using the Printer Driver and/or with Doc2Print.


Where will my data be stored?

All data and documents from you or your customers undergo multi-level encryption and are stored in Switzerland. Only you can read and edit your post; this also applies to KLARA employees.

How secure is ePost and the scanning service?

ePost is bound by Swiss Post’s IT and data security standards.

- Verifying your identity is a multi-stage process
- Two-stage authentication is required during login
- Your documents are encrypted in such a way that only you can see and read them
- Communication in the ePost system is also encrypted and incoming post is checked for viruses, which makes it more secure than communicating by e-mail. In other words, you can open and process letters without a second thought.
- Our system is tested regularly for weaknesses using a penetration test so that we can offer our customers a permanently secure system.

What happens with the data that is processed with “Print&Send”?

This data is processed on servers in Switzerland and is secured by a multi-stage process. All customer data is permanently deleted at the latest 12 hours after printing the mail items.

For former E-Post Office customers

I am a business customer and I previously used E-Post Office. Where do I find a suitable offer for my needs?

All ePost services for business customers are now with KLARA and can be explored on the relevant website.

Swiss Post also offers a range of services for business customers. If you are not looking explicitly for an ePost service, we kindly refer you to the Swiss Post page for business customers.

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