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The benefits of ePost


1. spare zeit

Save time

You don't have the time to print, put into envelopes and frank all your correspondence.

1. selber drucken

Printing yourself is so yesterday

There's not much ink left in the printer, you're running short on paper and how do you print invoices with a paying-in slip or QR code anyway?

1. drucken nicht günstig

Printing isn't cheap

You may be asking yourself if it's worth buying a new printer just in order to print out a few invoices, letters, contracts and the like.


there's a charge, but it's so handy.

Send invoices and letters with the click of a mouse - ePost will see to delivery.
Register and subscribe to the Print&Send widget. 

It couldn't be easier:

Send your letters to Swiss Post electronically.

Once you have created letters, invoices or bulk mailshots digitally, you can send them to Swiss Post with a click of the mouse instead of printing them out yourself.

erledigt Post
Swiss Post will do the rest for you.

Swiss Post will print your letters and invoices, put them into envelopes, frank them and send them to their destination – in Switzerland and worldwide.



Ready in no time

You can log into your ePost account with your existing Swiss Post customer login. After that you should only activate the Print&Send widget in the widget store.


Mailing options

You can log in to your ePost account using your existing Swiss Post customer login. Then all you need to do is activate the Print&Send widget in the Widget Store.

Mail formats

You can send any documents (letters, invoices, contracts, bulk mailshots, etc.) in any format (Word, PDF, etc.), any size (C4, C5, etc.) and any colour.

Printer driver and online printer

Print&Send is available in two versions: to download onto your PC, and online as a web solution, which is particularly suitable for bulk mailing.

Calculation example

Double-sided printing (4 pages) CHF 0.40
C5 envelope CHF 0.30
A Mail Porto



CHF 1.80

No envelopes bought, no money spent on ink, you didn't put the letter into the envelope yourself and didn't have to go to the post office.

It's worth it!

Print&Send prices

Processing, putting into envelopes, envelope

Format C5 CHF 0.30
Format C4 CHF 0.60

All prices exc. VAT

Printig per unit
(exc. VAT)

Per A4 sheet CHF 0.10
Per page (printed on one or both sides) CHF 0.05


Swiss Post mailing costs
To the pricing list
Includes VAT

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