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Say goodbye to envelopes and paper.

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Would you prefer your post to be digital?

By upgrading to the ePost scanning service, you can also receive your letters digitally to your mobile phone that would otherwise end up in your home letterbox. This also works with companies and authorities that have not yet joined the ePost network.

Our offer for you

Simplify your life with the ePost scanning service. 

ePost Basic
CHF 0.-
Receiving digital letters from ePost partners
Document storage
Scan feature
Pay invoices from the app
Scanning Service
CHF 9.90
/ per month
10% discount on an annual subscription
Receiving digital letters from ePost partners
Receiving digital letters from senders outside the ePost network
Document storage
Scan feature
Pay invoices from the app
Option of several addresses (e.g. apartment) in the same subscription
Premium Service
from CHF 46.30
/ per month
Ideal for longer stays abroad
Individually optimised for you
Delivery of all letter post in digital form

**With the exception of, for example, voting documents, credit cards, admission tickets, etc. which continue to be sent by physical mail. Find out more 

The advantages to you at a glance


Scanning service at a glance

  • Receive letters digitally, even from senders outside the partner network
  • Process incoming invoices without having to switch to your banking app and conveniently file them in the same place.
  • Smart filing: disorganised piles of paper and folders are a thing of the past. Thanks to smart tags, you can quickly find tax documents, insurance documents, etc. again
  • Do you still have a holiday flat? Enter more than one address

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Set up in just a few steps

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Download app

Download the ePost app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Open an ePost account

Log in to the ePost app with your SwissID or register for the first time with your email address.

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Verify your postal address

Now enter your address in the app and confirm the verification. Shortly afterwards you will receive a verification code by post. Then enter this code under the address entry.


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Subscribe to our scanning service

If you would also like to subscribe to our scanning service, open your profile in the app and go to the widget store.

The ePost Scanning Service will appear. The app will now guide you through the ordering process.

Correspondence secrecy applies for the scanning service too 

The ePost app has been developed to comply with the highest IT and data security standards. We can assure you 100% that your post cannot be seen, read or analysed by any other person. 

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Do you want a letter in original format?

That's no problem either. In your ePost app, you can order any letter to your home within 25 days

Do you have any further questions about the scanning service? We'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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Frequently asked questions


How is the Scanning Service billed?
The service runs on a monthly or yearly basis. The amount is invoiced in advance at the beginning of each month or each year. It is also possible to pay via a deposited credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
Can the scanning service be set up for multiple addresses?

Yes, several addresses can be added to the profile. They must be addresses in Switzerland. As with the first address, a verification code is sent to this address by paper post. Only when this code is entered in the profile is this address also registered and can also be part of the scanning service subscription if desired.

What happens to registered letters?

These are also forwarded to the scanning center, scanned and delivered to you digitally in the ePost app.

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