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With the Scanning Service


Everything paperless? Only what makes sense

You can already receive e-Post from the first companies. But much is still sent by mail. Do you wish to receive less paper and more ePost starting from now?

So sign up for the scanning service and receive your mail, which can be scanned digitally, at an affordable cost, in your ePost application. You'll still need your letterbox, but you won't have to empty it every day.



How does the Scanning Service work?

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Your insurance company sends you your premium invoice by letter mail.


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Instead of being delivered to you, the letter is sent to our Scan Center.

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It is scanned at the center and goes directly to your ePost app.

If you still would like to receive the original of a scanned letter, you can order it within 25 days for just CHF 5.

The principle of mail secrecy is our highest priority. The entire process is therefore in accordance with Swiss Post’s highest security standards.




The Scanning Service for private individuals


First download the ePost app:



You can subscribe to the Scanning Service directly in the ePost app for CHF 14.90 per month. Your scannable paper mail will then be digitally delivered to your ePost application, even by companies that do not yet send their correspondence to ePost free of charge.

Here is what is scanned: envelopes and letters, registered mail, documents with staples.

This is what is not scanned: parcels, credit cards, newspapers and magazines, advertising mail.

Frequently asked questions

I’m planning an extended stay abroad. Can I then receive 100% of my mail with the ePost Scanning Service?

While most of your mail is scanned with ePost, some items such as parcels or credit cards will still end up in your physical letter box. So if you’re not going to be there in person for a while, we recommend the Butler Solution from EDS.

How is the Scanning Service billed?

The service runs on a monthly basis. The amount is invoiced in advance at the beginning of each month.

Can I exclude specific senders from the Scanning Service?

No, the Scanning Service order applies to all mail addressed to a dedicated scan address. There is no way to exclude specific senders.

What happens to registered letters?

These are also forwarded to the scanning center, scanned and delivered to you digitally in the ePost app.

Still have questions?

We’d be happy to help.

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