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Conducting business communication digitally.

Digitise all your communication with ePost: what you receive as well as what you send.

ePost communications platform

Smart office

Benefits with ePost


Digital mail delivery

Send invoices and letters from any workplace with ePost SmartSend.

Send your mail digitally via the ePost communication platform.

With ePost SmartSend, you can send your correspondence directly from any workplace, and also conveniently from your home office. Swiss Post handles all the processing and delivery of your shipping via the most popular channels such as ePost, eBill or physical letters.
It is this simple: 
  • After you have created letters, invoices or bulk mailings digitally (as PDFs), you can send them online via ePost SmartSend.
  • Swiss Post ensures the delivery of your letters and bills to the digital or physical letterbox of the recipient.
  • The delivery channel is selected automatically, based on the preferred channel of the recipient (ePost, eBill, physical letter) and with optimised costs.

You can subscribe to ePost SmartSend after registering for ePost in the Widget Store.

Digital letter

Digital delivery of letters and invoices CHF 0.40

Digital delivery of invoices CHF 0.60


Physical letter

  Simplex Duplex
C5 envelope
incl. first sheet DIN A4
CHF 0.45 CHF 0.50
C4 envelope
incl. first sheet DIN A4
CHF 0.75 CHF 0.80
Additional sheet
per additional sheet DIN A4
CHF 0.15 CHF 0.20
according to current Swiss Post price list
Offer and prices at
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Digital inbox

Digitise your inbox and receive your letters digitally, irrespective of location.

Devices-Digital Letterbox-de

Receive letters in your digital letterbox from senders who already use ePost oneAPI.

Companies and authorities such as Vaudoise, Swiss Mobiliar, the tax office of the Canton of Lucerne, the Canton of Bern and others are already using ePost oneAPI. And new companies are constantly being added.

The advantages for you:

  • Access your ePost anytime and anywhere with the smartphone and desktop app.
  • More efficient working thanks to faster and direct delivery of your ePost, even when based at home.
  • You can also scan your physical mail manually and put it in the digital letterbox, or have it scanned automatically with the ePost scanning service, which is subject to a fee (see the “ePost scanning service” tab).

The ePost scanning service digitises your physical mail and delivers it to you as ePost.

As an option along with the digital letterbox, you can subscribe to ePost’s scanning service for your company and also receive your physical mail in digital form.

The advantages for you:

  • Obtain access to your physical mail even when working from home or during absences.
  • Save yourself the effort of physically filing or digitising your mail every day.
  • Keep track of your documents and find them again with ease.

You can subscribe to the ePost scanning service after registering for ePost in the Widget Store.

Digital letterboxes

Free of charge

ePost Scanning Service

Processing costs
Scanning costs CHF 0.80 per letter
Automatic forwarding of shipments that cannot be scanned CHF 2.50 per letter

Delivery of physical items CHF 5.00 per letter


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Digital filing cabinet

Digitise your archive – in compliance with the law and securely.


Do away with your federal files and archive your business documents with ePost eArchive.

ePost eArchive saves space, costs and time and meets all the requirements of the Ordinance on Business Records (GeBüV).

Thanks to the full-text search, required documents can be found in a matter of seconds, around the clock and irrespective of location.

All actions in the system are logged and are therefore traceable. Thanks to the time stamp, it is not possible to modify the documents, and their origin is ensured.

ePost eArchive Plus also gives you the option of defining individual access rights.

You can subscribe to ePost eArchive after registering for ePost in the Widget Store.

Monthly billing CHF 9.90 (+ CHF 0.01 per saved document)

Annual billing


CHF 107.00 (+ monthly CHF 0.01 per saved document)
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Track shipments

ePost oneAPI ensures that your recipients receive correspondence, both physically and digitally.


This means that you always have an overview.

ePost Monitoring offers you a complete overview of all items and their delivery success. See which document was sent, at what time, via which channel and to which recipient.


ePost oneAPI also simplifies your business communication.

Do you have any questions or do you need help setting up the ePost oneAPI solutions?

More ePost solutions

Smart business communication

As a company with large mailing volumes or as a software manufacturer, you can use ePost oneAPI to control even complex communication processes easily and efficiently.