Mail, that suits you

What does #PostLifeBalance mean?

Today, every app wants to optimize, inspire and improve us. Not ePost: with ePost, you take care of your mail however you like and wherever you are. Easily, quickly, stress-free. ePost doesn’t want to optimize you, it’s optimized for you.


ePost - powered by KLARA

KLARA Business Ltd has been a Swiss Post company since October 2020. We developed ePost together to bring more #PostLifeBalance into your life. And we’re working continuously on new features, optimization and innovative solutions.

What comes next?

All of our lives are already digital, so why shouldn’t our mail be? That’s why we're launching ePost today, so that tomorrow we can manage all of our mail and communication using a single platform. We want people and businesses to be able to take care of their mail and communicate easily, securely and quickly. To leave more time for their core business, and above all for #PostLifeBalance.


You are important to us

Because our entire product is geared towards you, we prefer to communicate with you on an equal footing. That’s why we cultivate an informal first-name culture, adopt a friendly approach and do away with formalities, so as to bring people closer together.


Your mail remains your private affair

The ePost app has been developed in accordance with Swiss Post’s highest IT and data security standards:

- All data remains in Switzerland
- Multi-level protection
- Verified users only
- Encrypted documents

This is our guarantee of the principle of mail secrecy as applied in the digital world.
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