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A Switzerland that is going places needs a postal service that does the same. The collaboration with KLARA Business AG is delivering new, innovative solutions that will help Switzerland's businesses and people enormously in their digital transformation. The new ePost app will simplify the administration work of private individuals and businesses, but is still in its early stages. It is being constantly refined with new functions and partnerships.

KLARA Business AG has been a part of Swiss Post and the Axon world since October 2020.



What does ePost want to achieve?

ePost is striving to become the leading communications hub for businesses and individuals in Switzerland. We want to bring business and private stakeholders in the digital world together and enable them to exchange information quickly, easily and securely. With this in mind, we help companies simplify their correspondence processes while at the same time profiting from cost efficiency and a positive brand perception. We also offer private individuals a simple way of receiving and processing their mail.


Our vision for ePost.

ePost is reinventing the way people, businesses and authorities correspond with each other. Communication is getting easier, more efficient and more mobile. That means more time for your core business, contacting customers or just the things you love. We offer attractive digital delivery and receipt options for business and private customers on one and the same platform. That allows companies to profit from cost-efficient correspondence processes and secure a more brand-effective presence with the end customer. ePost offers end customers a modern, customer-friendly user experience.


Why we do use informal language?

At KLARA, we believe that respect and esteem have nothing to do with titles. Using informal language encourages closeness and eliminates distance, formalities and inhibition levels. This helps to create a spirit of partnership, a better feeling of community that strengthens teamwork. As a Swiss IT company and innovative start-up, our team spirit is part of our success, and of course we have taken an informal approach through both the highs and the lows along the way.  

Although KLARA has grown since then, this informal team culture has remained embedded in our DNA. When communicating with customers, too, we prefer to do so eye to eye. We’re interested in what you yourself really think, whether you are yourself satisfied with our service or have a suggestion for improving a product. You, the customer, are valued by us.

And if you don’t feel particularly comfortable using informal language, we will of course respect this and serve you with just as much pleasure and formality.

Data privacy

ePost is committed to the IT and data security standard of Swiss Post and keeps all data in Switzerland. User verification and login is a multi-step process, ensuring postal secrecy in the digital world too. The documents in ePost are encrypted, which means only the logged-in user can see and edit the content. Your mail remains private.


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