Faster payments. With the ePost app.


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Faster payments.
With the ePost app.

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Settling of invoices as simple as counting to three

Paying bills is never much fun. All the better if it is quick and simple. You can process incoming invoices without having to switch to your banking app first, and deposit them in the same place. 


1. Receive your invoices in ePost

With ePost, you receive your invoices digitally in future, irrespective of whether these are insurance premiums, tax instalments from the canton and many others.


2. Simple and secure payment

You can pay your bill straight away with just one click. Done! 


3. File your documents directly in the app

With the ePost app, you have the option of storing and organising your papers centrally. So that you never lose anything and you always have everything with you.

Rechnungen empfangen, zahlen und ablegen - alles in einer App  

Verbinde dein ePost-Konto mit einem oder mehreren Bankkonten. Bei Empfang einer Rechnung kannst du diese via App direkt bezahlen und anschliessend auch ablegen. Alles in einem "Fluss" in der ePost-App. Das spart Zeit und ist einfach und sicher.


Empfange deine
Rechnung in ePost

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Zahle einfach
und sicher


Lege direkt
in der App ab

These banks already work with ePost

If you are a customer of one of the following banks, you can connect your account to the ePost app and pay bills directly via the app. Click on your bank’s logo to access the instructions.

Is your bank not yet on board?

Let us know. We will be happy to inform you as soon as you can connect your bank.

Download and register now for free

Step 1

Download the app

Download the free ePost app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Open an ePost account

Register in the ePost app with your email address.  

Step 3

Verify your postal address

Now enter your address in the app and confirm the verification. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a verification code by post. Then enter in the address input.


Step 4

Subscribe to the scanning service 

If you also want to subscribe to our scanning service, open your profile in the app and go to > Personal details > Addresses.

Now click on “Visit Widget Store” from the scanning service banner to place an order.