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What the ePost app can do


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Receive mail digitally

Save time: receive everything from banks, insurance companies and public authorities that are already ePost partners directly in the app. Do you also want to receive mail digitally from senders who are not yet connected to ePost? Subscribe to the Scanning Service now.

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Scan easily

You can scan and store your paper letters directly in the app, so you have all your documents in one place.

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Everything secure

You don’t show your letters to just anyone. That’s why all your data and documents are encrypted and secured at multiple levels. Because we ensure the highest IT and data security standards, and of course the principle of mail secrecy in the digital world.


Mail, but almost no paper:
with the ePost Scanning Service

Do you want to receive letters which would otherwise arrive in envelopes digitally?

Subscribe to the “ePost Scanning Service” and have most of your paper letters scanned and sent directly to the ePost app – for just CHF 9.90 per month. For new subscribers, the first month is free!


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These providers already send you mail directly and free of charge to the app


With these banks, you can pay bills directly in the app


Frequently asked questions

With which smartphones is ePost compatible?

ePost for private customers is a mobile app. It works on iPhones with version 14.5 and later and on smartphones with Android 8 or higher.

ePost is not yet optimized for iPads, tablets or web and desktop versions.

Why am I still getting paper letters?

In the ePost app, you can currently receive digital mail from the following senders: the Vaudoise insurance company, the Mobiliar, the Tax Office of the Canton of Lucerne, the canton Bern, the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes. Further senders are being added on an ongoing basis.

If you’d like to receive most of your paper letters in digital form today, you can digitize them yourself with the ePost scanner or subscribe to the paid Scanning Service at Find out more about the Scanning Service.

Can I import documents from other storage locations into ePost?

Yes, you can use the “Share” feature to send PDF documents to your ePost app. They will then appear in your inbox and can be filed or edited in the usual way.

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