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ePost makes it easier to manage your mail

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Receiving mail


1. Briefkasten

Your digital letterbox

Get your letters digitally from senders who are already using the digital letterbox. More senders are being added all the time. ePost - get your letters digitally at any time, wherever your are.

2. Scanning_Service

Your Scanning Service

Simplify processes, digitize letters, save time and money and have documents always to hand.

Sending mail

1. Print&Send

Print&Send makes it even easier

Send invoices and letters with a single click, whether you're at home or in the office - ePost will get them printed, put in envelopes, franked and delivered.

Going to the post office is so yesterday!

These providers already send you everything directly and free of charge to the app


With these banks, you can pay bills directly in the app


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