ePost for business customers

The platform for secure correspondence, irrespective of the channel

The ePost communication platform ensures the trustworthy transmission of sensitive information between companies, authorities and individuals, in the digital world too.

optimises costs
ensures data security
creates sustainability
supports flexible working models

You can reach the whole of Switzerland with ePost.

Recipient-oriented, automated and cost-optimised via the most popular channels such as ePost, eBill, SMS, e-mail or physical letter.

With the ePost communication platform, you can reach recipients of letters, invoices and reminders via any written communication channel. Deliver your correspondence digitally. ePost ensures delivery to the digital or physical letterbox.

Private households

Reach this many households in Switzerland via the digital or physical letterbox, as well as via e-mail addresses and telephone numbers in your customer base.

eBill users receive their invoices directly in eBill.


Reach this many companies in Switzerland via the physical letterbox, as well as via e-mail addresses in your customer base.

Reach this number of companies with an activated digital letterbox in the ePost app.

The number of eBill for Business users who receive their invoices directly in eBill.


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ePost is the smart communication solution for companies and authorities. Whether this is for extremely efficient shipping or digital receipt and archiving. Simpler than ever before: ePost.

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ePost also guarantees the proven principle of postal secrecy in the digital world and enables confidential data to be exchanged independently of any channel via a trustworthy Swiss provider.


ePost is quick and streamlines conventional communication processes. In addition to excellent input and output processes, the traceability of all shipping procedures and channels is also ensured.

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The ePost communications platform

Fit for the future and cost-efficient

 ePost supports Switzerland, and in particular companies and authorities, in the digitisation of communication processes and the secure exchange of information with customers and individuals.

With ePost you can receive, send, archive and track your mail digitally. You can also interact digitally with your addressees.

ePost in detail

Solutions for companies and authorities


Smart office

Handle your business communications digitally, efficiently and irrespective of location.

  • Digital letterbox
  • Digital despatch of invoices and letters as single or bulk mailings
  • Archiving that conforms to the Ordinance on Business Records (GeBüV)

ePost for SMEs


Smart business communication

Reach your addressees with ePost automatically via their preferred channel.

  • Omni-channel communication via the most popular channels such as ePost, eBill, SMS or email
  • Encrypted and protected communication

ePost for bulk mailers


Smart API for your users’ digital end-to-end processes

Integrate ePost oneAPI into your solution (ERP, specialist system, billing, etc.).

  • Digital receipt of the letter stream for important standard processes
  • Omni-channel-enabled mass communication

ePost for software manufacturers

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