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With ePost SmartSend you can send your invoices and letters from any workplace - even comfortably from your home office.

Easily submit your letters and invoices as PDFs. ePost takes care of the delivery of your sendings via the most popular channels such as the ePost App, eBill or physical letter.

Your advantages

Send online at attractive prices

Physical letter
from CHF 1.10 *
Send your letter online and we will take care of the printing and delivery.
A Mail, B Mail oder B Mail bulk mailing (from 350 sendings) **
Printing and enveloping included
Delivery by Swiss Post
Traceable delivery
* Price depends on postage & document size (price example: postage B Mail bulk mailing incl. envelope C5 and 1 duplex-printed page)** A Mail Plus and Registered Mail (R) available soon

CHF 0.40
If your recipients use the ePost app, they will receive letters & invoices as ePost.
Immediate delivery into the ePost app
Less paper consumption and CO2 emissions
Simple payment process linked with e-banking
Letter secrecy guaranteed
Traceable delivery

CHF 0.60
If your recipients are registered with eBill, they will receive invoices automatically in e-banking.
No eBill contractor required
Immediate delivery to e-banking
Less paper consumption and CO2 emissions
Traceable delivery

Printing and physical delivery

Prices in detail Simplex Duplex
C5 envelope incl. first sheet DIN A4 CHF 0.45 CHF 0.50
C4 envelope incl. first sheet DIN A4 CHF 0.75 CHF 0.80
Additional sheet per additional sheet DIN A4 CHF 0.15 CHF 0.20
Postage according to current Swiss Post price list  

Be on the safe side

ePost is committed to the high security standards of Swiss Post. Documents are multi-level encrypted and data is hosted on servers in Switzerland. And the confidentiality of letters applies in the digital world too of course.

Ready to get started?

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Wie verknüpfe ich meine bestehenden Konten bei IncaMail und ePost?

In deinem ePost-Profil muss die gleiche E-Mail-Adresse erfasst sein, die du auch in deinem IncaMail-Konto nutzt. In ePost kann diese als Haupt-E-Mail-Adresse oder als zusätzliche, optionale E-Mail-Adresse hinterlegt werden. Nach Bestätigung der E-Mail-Verifikation kannst du IncaMail-Nachrichten in ePost empfangen.

Erhalte ich in ePost auch eingeschriebene IncaMail-Nachrichten?

Nein. Eingeschriebene IncaMail-Nachrichten werden ausschliesslich an dein IncaMail-Konto gesendet.

Ich nutze die ePost, aber ich möchte keine IncaMail-Nachrichten dort empfangen. Was kann ich tun?

Du kannst IncaMail-Nachrichten als ePost-Absender in der App selbst deaktivieren. Gehe hierzu in deinem Profil in den Bereich "Absender verwalten" und deaktiviere den Absender «IncaMail» der Schweizerischen Post.

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