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Omni-channel communication for ERP, specialised system and billing solutions.

ePost communication platform

Supports the most popular written communication channels

With the ePost communication platform, your software always communicates on the recipient's preferred channel and at optimised costs.

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Integration options

Powerful API for carefree communication.

Our comprehensive API documentation provides you with detailed instructions, helpful code snippets and lots of other useful information.

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Intelligent despatch

Communicate digitally or physically?

Leave the decision to the recipients.

Invoices, letters, contracts and messages sent digitally are delivered by the ePost communication platform based on the sender and recipient preferences. The system automatically checks which communication channels can be used to reach each individual recipient. 

 ePost   enables   omni-channel   communication,   im   even   auch   for    solutions    without   channel management 

Digital despatch

Sending correspondence digitally without interfering with processes & master data?

Offer your customers the benefits of digital mailing as ePost, eBill, e-mail or SMS.

Checking availability via digital channels (identity matching) can also be based on the physical postal address. Correspondence can therefore be delivered digitally without the need to enrich master data beforehand.

 ePost   guarantees   the   confidentiality   of    correspondence   in   the   digital   world,   enabling   sensitive   information   to   be   sent   digitally. 
(e.g. payslips, account statements, tax assessments, etc.)

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Physical despatch

Customers and recipients still prefer the classic letter?

No problem - classic letter post can also be sent with ePost.

Deliver letters, invoices and contracts digitally and have them printed and sent by ePost.

Thanks to our network of printing partners, we guarantee a high degree of flexibility and attractive prices. Of course, you can also use your existing printing partner to handle the printing and dispatch, leaving only the processing and monitoring of consignments to ePost.

 ePost   gradually   digitises   communication,   saving   you   time   and   money. 

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Digital reception

Physical mailbox as an input channel for standard processes?

Import digital letters as well as physical mail digitised with the ePost Scanning Service into your system and use them for your standard processes.

If your customers also send digital correspondence via the ePost communication platform, entire E2E communication processes such as forms, digital signatures or appointments can also be processed via ePost.

 ePost   supports   providers   of   ERP,   Billing-   und   and   specialist   systems   in   the   digitalisation   and   automation   of   customer   communication. 

Keeping up with the times with ePost.



Status of all digital and physical consignments available at any time.



Send correspondence at optimised costs.



Letter confidentiality is also guaranteed in the digital world.



Send correspondence digitally and save paper and CO2.

“What a fantastic journey this has been. Thanks to this product we can now focus on what matters.”
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Anthony Grower (Laurent)


“What a fantastic journey this has been. Thanks to this product we can now focus on what matters.”
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Fredy Tschui (JD)


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Three steps to connecting the ePost communication platform.

Further business solutions

Smart business communication

As a company with large dispatch volumes or as an SME, you can also manage complex communication processes simply and efficiently with ePost oneAPI.