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Your digital letterbox

Simple, efficient, fast

1. Overtime

Physical mail is slow

It takes far too long for the mail to arrive, get sorted and land on your desk – and then you've got to find the time to deal with it.

1. Mailbox

Your letterbox is overflowing

There's no one in the office who can deal with all the mail that arrives. The whole team is working from home. Or you're away for two weeks and can't collect your mail.

1. Document

You don't have important documents to hand

You don't have that invoice you need right now to hand. What now?


The Digital Letterbox

You can get digital mail from all companies which are already using ePost.

Register now and subscribe to the digital letterbox free of charge.


The Scanning Service

Your letters will be digitized and delivered to you electronically.

Subscribe to the fee-based Scanning Service at the Widget Store now.

It couldn't be easier:

erledigt Post
Physical mail goes to ePost instead of to you.

Complete access in ePost.

You can access all your company's correspondence in ePost, from where you can download the documents or forward them to the relevant person by e-mail. Receiving mail has never been easier.

We're digitizing your physical mail.

Swiss Post will forward the physical letters that can be processed digitally to our scan centre automatically, where they will be opened, scanned and delivered to your digital letterbox.

Scanning Service cost overview:

Processing costs

Scanning costs CHF 0.80 per letter
Automatic forwarding of non-scannable mail. CHF 2.50 per letter




Delivery of physical copies CHF 5.00 per letter


Scanning Service cost overview:

This month your company received 20 digitized letters via the scanning service. You have also received a new business credit card. And you requested the original of an important contract termination from a partner.


Scanning cost for 20 letters CHF 16.00
Automatic forwarding of your credit card CHF 2.50
Delivery of physical copies CHF 5.00


CHF 23.50




Ready in no time

You can log in to your ePost account using your existing Swiss Post customer login. Then all you need to do is activate the Print&Send widget in the Widget Store.

erledigt Post

Delivery of non-scannable content

Post with content such as credit cards or identity papers will be delivered to you automatically in the original format.

Important documents delivered in physical form on request

Important originals can be requested within 25 days (for a fee) and will then be made available in physical form if you need them.

Access via ePost

Digital mail which has already been sent in electronic format will go into your free digital letterbox.

If you subscribe to the Scanning Service (for a fee), all your mail will be delivered digitally.

How can we make ePost even better?

Share your ideas and suggestions here.

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