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Fit for the future in omni-channel with ePost oneAPI

Discover the options offered by ePost oneAPI - the innovative shipping platform that enables you to send to recipient via the most popular channels such as ePost, eBill, SMS, email or physical mail.

ePost oneAPI

Smart business communication

Benefits with ePost oneAPI


Control complex communication processes easily and efficiently

With ePost oneAPI, you can automatically reach every recipient on the preference channel and at optimised costs.


You can reach the whole of Switzerland with ePost.

Recipient-oriented, automated and cost-optimised via the most popular channels such as ePost, eBill, SMS, e-mail or physical letter.

With the ePost communication platform, you can reach recipients of letters, invoices and reminders via any written communication channel. Deliver your correspondence digitally. ePost ensures delivery to the digital or physical letterbox.

Private households

Reach this many households in Switzerland via the digital or physical letterbox, as well as via e-mail addresses and telephone numbers in your customer base.

eBill users receive their invoices directly in eBill.


Reach this many companies in Switzerland via the physical letterbox, as well as via e-mail addresses in your customer base.

Reach this number of companies with an activated digital letterbox in the ePost app.

The number of eBill for Business users who receive their invoices directly in eBill.


Two-way communication

Enter into dialogue with your recipients - without any media disruption or additional login.

ePost as an enabler for your digital business

Achieve high digital penetration for your communication processes. With ePost oneAPI, you also obtain access to those recipient groups that previously used physical processes. 

With end-to-end digitisation via ePost oneAPI, you can achieve the complete automation of processes, irrespective of the channel, such as:

  • Handling business cases
  • Modifications
  • Payment transaction processes
  • Booking
  • etc.

In a mini portal with your own brand image (branded folder), you create greater proximity to your addressees - in addition to any existing portals. They can interact with you directly and initiate processes such as address changes. 

Formats in ePost oneAPI:

Smart eLetter
Integrated eLetter
Branded Folder

Traceable shipping processes and channels

ePost oneAPI ensures that your recipients also receive correspondence via every channel.


This means that you can always keep track

ePost monitoring offers you a complete overview of all items and their delivery status. See which document was sent at what time, via which channel, and to which addressee.

Make contact

ePost oneAPI also revolutionises your communication.

We would be pleased to show you in person how you can communicate easily, securely and digitally with ePost oneAPI.

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