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ePost eArchive for business customers

Save space with the digital filing cabine

Dispose of your federal folders, archive your business documents, contracts, receipts, invoices digitally and in compliance with the law (GebBüV-compliant). 

Scan document

Scan and digitise your documents yourself and store them in the ePost eArchive. Or have your business mail digitally scanned directly with the ePost ScanningService and stored in the ePost eArchive. 

Ideal addition to the ePost ScanningServic

With ePost ScanningService, you receive your business mail already digitised. The ePost eArchive automatically stores the scanned documents in compliance with the GeBüV.

It's that simple

Your advantages

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Archive your business documents with ePost eArchive

Register for free and activate the eArchive from ePost. With the Annual Subscription Plus, you not only get a secure and efficient digital archiving solution, but also the option of assigning individual access rights. This means you always retain control over your documents.
eArchiv Basic
CHF 4.90
or CHF 53 with an annual subscription +
1 centime per saved document
Location-independent access
Full-text search and tagging of documents
Clear folder structure incl. recycle bin
Import documents easily
Access for admin only
eArchiv Plus
CHF 9.90
or CHF 107 with an annual subscription +
1 centime per saved document
Location-independent access
Full-text search and tagging of documents
Clear folder structure incl. recycle bin
Import documents easily
Assignment of individual access rights*
*Unlimited access including definition of who can access which documents

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Simple onboarding and no hidden costs. Get started with ePost eArchive in three steps.

If you are already an ePost user and have verified your address, you can start directly with step 3.



Wie verknüpfe ich meine bestehenden Konten bei IncaMail und ePost?

In deinem ePost-Profil muss die gleiche E-Mail-Adresse erfasst sein, die du auch in deinem IncaMail-Konto nutzt. In ePost kann diese als Haupt-E-Mail-Adresse oder als zusätzliche, optionale E-Mail-Adresse hinterlegt werden. Nach Bestätigung der E-Mail-Verifikation kannst du IncaMail-Nachrichten in ePost empfangen.

Erhalte ich in ePost auch eingeschriebene IncaMail-Nachrichten?

Nein. Eingeschriebene IncaMail-Nachrichten werden ausschliesslich an dein IncaMail-Konto gesendet.

Ich nutze die ePost, aber ich möchte keine IncaMail-Nachrichten dort empfangen. Was kann ich tun?

Du kannst IncaMail-Nachrichten als ePost-Absender in der App selbst deaktivieren. Gehe hierzu in deinem Profil in den Bereich "Absender verwalten" und deaktiviere den Absender «IncaMail» der Schweizerischen Post.

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What exactly are the eArchive Plus functions
In addition to the GeBüV conformity of eArchiv Basic, eArchiv Plus also provides you with the following function:
  • individual access rights at document and folder level
With individual access rights, you can grant your users access rights to individual documents. Only your company administrators have access to all documents.
Is it possible to export data from the eArchive

Yes, this is possible. You can order your data for download using the "Data export" function by clicking on the corresponding icon and setting a password. We will send you an e-mail as soon as your data is available for download as a zip file.

The zip is encrypted with your password so that the data remains protected after export. The file contains your entire eArchive and the transaction data for each document. It may therefore take some time for the e-mail with the download link to be made available. The export can then be downloaded for 14 days using the link.

Can an existing archive be imported?

You can upload your locally saved documents to your eArchive.

This is of course also possible using drag & drop.


How ae access rights managed?

You can use the access rights to protect your documents by assigning access rights in the detailed view. On the document, you can see who has access to the document.

Where no lock is displayed, all users have access to this document. 

Under "Manage access rights", you can view and edit all existing access rights.

To assign access rights to another user, simply click in the Email or Name field and select the person(s) from the list. 

Under "Users" you can create additional users for your company, which are then automatically displayed in the access rights list for selection.

How do I find certain documents again

You can create your own folders and file documents in a structured way. You can use the search field to easily search for text in your document Tags can help you keep things organised. You can limit and filter the search with the tags so that you can find the desired document more quickly.

How do I switch from eArchive Plus to eArchive Basic

To change the subscription, the existing eArchive Plus subscription must be deactivated.

The eArchive Basic widget can be activated after the 30-day period has expired.

Any further questions?

For more questions and answers, see our FAQs.