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The ePost scanning service for business customers

Our scan centre digitises your physical mail

Your business mail is automatically forwarded to ePost's certified scan centre, opened by machine, scanned and delivered digitally.

Your company receives a digital mailbox

With the digital mailbox from ePost, you have secure access to your business mail at any time and from anywhere - even when working from home or during absences.

You receive your business mail digitally

Benefit from all the advantages of digital letter post. Forward letters internally, transfer them to your IT systems or store important documents conveniently and securely.

It's that simple

Your advantages

Start now with ePost ScanningService

Have business mail digitised at an attractive price.

Keep full control of your costs by paying per shipment received.

Digital letterbox
receive ePost digitally from affiliated partners.
Receipt of digital letters from connected ePost partners**
Access your business mail at any time and from anywhere
Letter confidentiality is also guaranteed digitally with ePost
Option for GeBüV-compliant digital filing with ePost eArchive (subject to a fee)
**Companies and authorities that send digital mail via ePost (e.g. Vaudoise, Die Mobiliar, Canton of Berne, etc.)
ePost Scanning Service
CHF 0.80*
per letter
Scan physical mail and have it delivered as ePost.
Redirection of business mail to certified scan centre
Machine opening, scanning and delivery as ePost
Physical delivery of non-scannable items (e.g. bank cards, ID cards, etc.) at CHF 2.50 per letter
Consignments can be ordered in the original for 25 days (CHF 5.00)
Monthly billing according to effective shipment volume
*plus automatic forwarding of non-scannable items at CHF 2.50 per letter Optional: Delivery of physical copies CHF 5.00 per letter

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Wie verknüpfe ich meine bestehenden Konten bei IncaMail und ePost?

In deinem ePost-Profil muss die gleiche E-Mail-Adresse erfasst sein, die du auch in deinem IncaMail-Konto nutzt. In ePost kann diese als Haupt-E-Mail-Adresse oder als zusätzliche, optionale E-Mail-Adresse hinterlegt werden. Nach Bestätigung der E-Mail-Verifikation kannst du IncaMail-Nachrichten in ePost empfangen.

Erhalte ich in ePost auch eingeschriebene IncaMail-Nachrichten?

Nein. Eingeschriebene IncaMail-Nachrichten werden ausschliesslich an dein IncaMail-Konto gesendet.

Ich nutze die ePost, aber ich möchte keine IncaMail-Nachrichten dort empfangen. Was kann ich tun?

Du kannst IncaMail-Nachrichten als ePost-Absender in der App selbst deaktivieren. Gehe hierzu in deinem Profil in den Bereich "Absender verwalten" und deaktiviere den Absender «IncaMail» der Schweizerischen Post.

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Any questions about ePost ScanningService?


Which mail is not scanned by the ePost scanning service?

All letter contents that are not made of paper but other materials, e.g. SIM cards, CDs, USB sticks, plastic cards, ID cards, badges, etc., cannot be scanned. Letters with PIN codes, money, tickets, personal vouchers, cheques or if the format is larger than A3 or smaller than A6 are also not scanned. If the contents of a consignment cannot or may not be scanned (these are BU or GU consignments), it will be physically forwarded to the recipient at a charge (CHF 2.50 per letter/excl. VAT).

What happens to consignments with physical items?

Items containing physical objects (such as passports, credit cards, etc.) are forwarded to the recipient by A Mail at CHF 2.50 per item on the same day and arrive at their domicile 1-2 days later.

What if we need the original document?
If you would like to receive an ePost letter or a scanning preview in the original, you can order this free of charge within 25 days.
Open the document in the app and then tap on "Order original document". The original document will be sent to you by physical post.
What does the Scanning Service cost for companies?
Here is a summary of the costs:
  • The cost of scanning is CHF 0.80 per letter/excl. VAT.
  • The automatic forwarding of non-scannable content is CHF 2.50 per letter/excl. VAT.
  • Ordering an original letter in paper form is CHF 5/excl. VAT per letter (possible within the retention period of 25 days). 

The costs are charged monthly. 

How can I see whether my scanning service is active?

To ensure that your scanning service is active, please check your subscription in the Widget Store.

In the Widget Store, all activated offers are labelled "subscribed". If this overview is not sufficient for you, you will find a selection of your activated widgets under "My widgets".

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Any further questions?

You can find more questions/answers in our FAQs.