I have been a private customer of E-Post Office.

We help you move your existing account to the new ePost.

I wish to join ePost as a new private customer.

We redirect you to our website for private clients.

I'm a business customer.

We'll take you straight to the welcome page for business customers.

How do I move from E-Post Office to the new ePost app?

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Download the ePost app.

Get the ePost app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
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Existing Swiss Post customer login.

On the app, start the on-boarding process using the login you used for post.ch (choose Swiss Post customer login). That will save you a few steps when on-boarding!
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Congratulations, you're now good to go!

Do you want to upload the data from E-Post Office or subscribe to the Scanning Service while you're here? Click here (app.epost.ch) and log in with your user profile.
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Have a look around.

Have a look round the new website epost.ch. If you have any questions, you'll find the necessary contact details there. We would be delighted to get some feedback from you. This will help us continually refine the app. To do so, use the feedback options on epost.ch.