ePost – for everyone!


ePost for private individuals.

Receive and edit your private mail digitally: Never has it been so easy to receive and organize your mail. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to more time for you!


ePost for corporations.

Profit from the extensive network of partners and services and send your business letters securely and digitally. It has never been so easy to personalize how you contact customers.

Who is ePost suitable for?

ePost offers private individuals and SMEs the opportunity to make the receipt and handling of their mail simpler, more efficient and digital. Large companies can use ePost as a direct, low-cost communication and service channel to their customers.

Your mail is secure and remains private.

ePost complies with the IT and data security standard of Swiss Post and keeps all your data in Switzerland. Your documents are securely encrypted so that only you can see their content. The secrecy of your mail remains guaranteed. Only you as a user can read or edit your mail. Everything stays private.

What is ePost?

ePost is the successor to ePost Office - an app to simplify the administration of private individuals and companies. The digitization of paper mail is only the basic function. ePost instead aims to become the leading communications hub for companies and private individuals in Switzerland. Behind ePost is a cooperation between Swiss Post and KLARA Business, a company of Swiss Post and Axon World.

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