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8. June 2023

ePost is therefore “all-purpose storage”

In ePost document storage you collect all documents that you receive directly via the ePost app. But it can do a great deal more than that. The document storage serves as your central filing system for all your other digital materials. In short: ePost means that you can confidently do without the services of other cloud providers.  


Structure and clarity – there is nothing easier than that.

You have the option of creating your own folders to meet the diverse and individual requirements of ePost users. This ensures a clear and visible structure even with large numbers of documents. In addition, ePost offers an intelligent search function that finds the required documents immediately in conjunction with tags.

Everything to hand
It is all at your fingertips. With just a tap on your smartphone or by logging into the browser, your documents are accessible at any time. Examples of other documents that you can organise in the document filing system include:

  • Documents from other storage places
  • Self-scanned documents
  • Invoices received by e-mail
  • Files downloaded on customer portals 



Another advantage: ePost does not limit the storage space you have available. In short: ePost is your central filing system for the whole digital office, and it is secure and trustworthy: We store your valuable data exclusively on servers in Switzerland and encrypt them in multiple layers.

You put your trust in us and we provide you with a secure environment for your documents.

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