Here’s how you can share your ePost with your loved ones.

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8. June 2023

We are family: ePost for all

Do you want to share the use of ePost with others? No problem. Thanks to access management, other people can gain access to your existing account. You have two options for doing this:

  • Full access
  • Restricted access to shared documents


One scanning service for several addresses

But why should I give other people access to my personal ePost account at all?

This can be useful for multi-person households, for example, to enable other people to benefit from the scanning service at no extra charge. All that is required is verification of the corresponding address.

Another scenario: multiple access to one account makes it possible to receive the mail of elderly family members who depend on support in everyday life. 


And for couples, ePost means the end of paperwork chaos. Shared document storage brings order to working from home.

And what does ePost offer me in terms of address management?

With ePost, you can register multiple addresses for the same person. Mail that is addressed to a holiday apartment can also be viewed at any time. Finally, access management makes it possible to ensure that items with alternative spellings end up in the correct ePost digital inbox. Examples of this are double-barrelled names, middle names or names with accents, as well as bilingual spellings of towns and streets. If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to register all possible spellings.

This means you'll never miss anything again.

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