Efficient document management: ePost as the key to digital organisation.

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17. January 2024

Perhaps you have contracts and invoices stored in a physical cabinet or folder, important presentations on a USB stick, photos and files on various devices, and notes scattered across various cloud services. This haphazard information keeping can quickly become an obstacle that prevents you from working efficiently and organised.


ePost document storage is your answer to digital disorder. It gives you the ability to organise and manage your digital documents in one place, without the stress and clutter that comes with fragmented document management. In this article we explain how ePost document storage works and why it is essential for efficient, digital working.


Well-organised document management with ePost

ePost document storage enables you to upload all your digital documents securely and arrange them in individual folders. The intuitive user interface simplifies the task of adding documents and creating folders. No more complicated procedures, just simple and clear steps. Mail that you receive via ePost is even sent automatically to the appropriate company folder. This is extremely practical.


ePost document storage is not just a static archive. It offers an intelligent search function that enables you to find documents in seconds. You can also use tags and keywords to further categorise your documents and access them faster. This ensures significant time saving and a more efficient way of working.


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Unlimited storage space

ePost document storage offers you endless space. So you can keep all your digital documents in one place without worrying about storage issues. With ePost you can upload as many documents as you want. This is very easy.


Security is the top priority

We understand the importance of your data. This is why we store them exclusively on Swiss servers and encrypt them at multiple levels. You place your trust in us and we offer you a secure environment for your documents.


Why ePost rather than other services?

Perhaps you already use Dropbox or another form of digital storage. So why do you need ePost document storage? Put simply: ePost makes it easy for you to store the mail you receive digitally without having to switch between different apps. You receive a letter and file it with just a few clicks. You receive an invoice, pay it and file it at the same time. Document storage provides you with a smooth workflow.


ePost document storage is your gateway to a well-organised digital office. It simplifies document management, offers security and ensures that you maintain an overview at all times.


Give your digital documents the home they deserve – with ePost.

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