Use the potential of the ePost app to the full with smart tags.

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17. January 2024

Managing documents and information efficiently saves time and stress. With smart tags, you can organise your digital letters and scanned documents in a structured way in the ePost app and find them in no time at all. You will find out how in this article.

What are smart tags?

Smart tags are digital tags or labels that you can assign to your documents or files in the ePost app to make them easier to find. Unlike traditional folders, where documents are organised based on physical or alphabetical criteria, smart tags enable flexible and user-defined categorisation. This means you can create tags to fit your individual requirements. Totally practical! This is how it works:


Step 1

Click on "Filing and services" on the start page of the ePost app to go to the document filing system.


Step 2

Navigate to the document that you want to mark with smart tags.


Step 3

Click on the document header or the three-point menu.


Step 4

Add the appropriate tags that best describe the document. For example, you can use tags such as “invoices”, “contracts”, “tax documents”, or “company names”. Save the changes.

Search for smart tags

To find the document you tagged, simply click on “File and Services”. You enter the day and there you have it! All the documents you have marked will appear.

Tip: You can further narrow your search by working with multiple tags. For example, if you are accustomed to marking all invoices with both the “Invoices” tag and the “Company name” tag, you can also search for the specific invoices of a particular company by typing both tags in the search field. This will save you even more time.

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