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6. June 2023

Life is too short for paperwork - the new ePost easyLife Academy

We are all familiar with this: Where did I put that bill? Have I already paid it? If so, do I need to keep it for tax purposes? Questions such as this come up in our daily lives time and again. The efforts involved are nerve-racking and timeconsuming. Who really enjoys it?


Does that include you?

If so, then you’ve come to just the right place! We are now offering you a channel via the new ePost easyLife Academy that shows you how you can run your life with the minimum of office administration at home. Because we believe:   life is too short to be battling with paperwork.

Be inspired by our articles:

  • Find out how others manage their bank payments and tax returns,
  • and how they organise important documents in their filing system,
  • or how they store their tickets for the next festival simply and centrally in the ePost app.

In short: in the easyLife Academy, you’ll find all essential information about ePost. We wish you an informative journey of discovery!

Sunny greetings,

Your easyLife Academy team

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