Ten tips for dealing with contracts

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18. June 2024

For many people, contracts are a part of everyday life, whether it’s a rental contract, an employment contract or a mobile phone contract. But what should you look out for in order to avoid unpleasant surprises? Here are ten handy tips on how to deal with contracts safely.

  1. Read the contract thoroughly

Before you sign a contract, you should read it through thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the details and the small print. A misunderstanding can have expensive consequences down the line.

  1. Resolve any ambiguities

Make sure you understand every clause of the contract. The language used in contracts can sometimes be complicated, so seek clarification if anything is unclear. Resolve tricky points with your contractual partner or seek legal advice from a specialist.

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  1. Pay attention to deadlines

Keep an eye on any deadlines. Depending on the contract, there might be deadlines for termination, payment or other obligations. To avoid unnecessary stress, take care not to miss a deadline.

  1. Make amendments in writing

Whenever a contract needs to be amended, the amendments should always be made in writing. Oral agreements are hard to prove and can lead to misunderstandings. Ask the other party to sign any amendments made.

  1. Keep copies

Always make multiple copies of the original signed contract and store them securely. It is really easy to save digital copies with ePost, allowing you to access them anywhere, anytime.

  1. Check the terms and cancellation conditions

Pay attention to the terms of duration of the contract and the cancellation conditions. Long terms and automatic renewals can tie you to a contract that you may want to end ahead of time.

  1. Hintergrund der Vertragspartner prüfen

Before signing a contract, check the reputation and background of your contractual partner. Whether your contractual partner is a company or a private individual, it is helpful to do some quick research online and to check their ratings in order to gauge their integrity and trustworthiness.

  1. Digitalise contracts

Use digital solutions such as ePost to digitalise and better manage your contracts, making them well-ordered and easy to access when you need to look up specifics.

  1. Personalise the contents of the contract

Many standardised contracts contain clauses that do not suit your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to personalise the contract and include specific conditions or exceptions. Make sure to clarify this with your contractual partner in advance.

  1. Elektronische Signaturen nutzen

In today’s digital world, electronic signatures are legally recognised and are often as binding as handwritten signatures. Use services such as ePost for secure and legally binding electronic signatures. This saves time and is particularly well suited for contracts that are being concluded remotely.

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Checklist for contracts

Before signing:

  • Read the contract thoroughly
  • Clear up any queries
  • Check the background of your contractual partner

During the term:

  • Stick to important deadlines
  • Confirm any amendments in writing


  • Keep physical and digital copies
  • Manage contracts digitally (e.g. with ePost)

Pay attention to important clauses:

  • Check specific contractual clauses and terms of duration
  • Familiarise yourself with the cancellation conditions

With these tips, you’ll be well equipped to manage contracts more securely and efficiently. Using digital tools, such as ePost, helps you to stay on top of things and can save you a lot of trouble.

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