Fit for the Internet: digital skills for all ages

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27. November 2023

In a world that is constantly digitising, it is more important than ever that every age group can use the Internet and digital technologies competently. Our series of articles “Fit for the Internet: digital skills for all ages” helps you with this. We want to give you information and inspire you on how you can improve your daily activities through digital skills.

Why are digital skills important?

Digital skills involve more than just using a smartphone or surfing the Internet. This is about understanding how digital technologies work and how they can impact your life. From online shopping to safe browsing to using social media, digital skills are relevant and useful in almost every aspect of your everyday life.

Our series of articles: A guide for every phase of life

Our series specifically addresses the requirements of different age groups:

  • Children: We show how parents can support their children online safely and teach them basic digital skills.
  • Young people: This covers topics such as dealing with social media, data protection and the use of the Internet for educational purposes.
  • Young adults: For this group, we will focus on topics such as digital career development, online networking and managing digital finances.
  • Older generation: We offer easy-to-understand instructions and tips to support older people in using modern technologies.

What can you expect?

You will find practical tips and inspiring stories in each article to enhance your life through digital tools. We show you how digital skills can simplify your everyday life, improve your communication and open up new learning opportunities.

Stay tuned!

With our series “Fit for the Internet: digital skills for all ages” we support you on your way to a digitally competent future. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced digital user - there is always something new to discover and learn. Look forward to an exciting journey into the world of digitisation.

Note: This article is the start of our series. It serves as an overview and introduction to the topic. In future posts, we will look at the specific requirements and challenges of each age group in more detail.

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