AI and machine learning: how companies can make the most of AI

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14. June 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to fundamentally change the business world. In this article, we show you how companies can use these technologies to make business processes more efficient and optimise their customer service.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are more than just buzz words. They provide companies with a diverse range of opportunities to make their work processes more efficient and increase customer satisfaction. Here are some specific applications:

  1. Forecasting and decision-making

AI can analyse large quantities of data and obtain valuable findings. This can be used for forecasting and supporting strategic decisions. Many companies are already using AI to predict market trends and manage stock efficiently.

Example: A wholesaler uses AI algorithms to analyse customer behaviour and generate precise sales forecasts. In this way, the company can optimise its warehousing systems and avoid supply shortages.

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  1. Personalised customer service

Thanks to machine learning, companies can personalise and improve their customer service. Chatbots that are controlled by AI can answer customer queries in real time and adapt to customer needs more and more effectively through continuous learning.

Example: An online shop implements an AI-based chatbot that is available 24/7 and assists customers with product queries and order problems. This increases customer satisfaction and relieves the burden on staff.

  1. Automation of routine tasks

Routine tasks, such as processing documents, can be efficiently automated with AI. For example, ePost can help to automatically scan incoming post and save it to a digital archive. This saves time and reduces the risk of human error.

Example: An SME uses the ePost Scanning Service to record all incoming invoices digitally. The recorded data is automatically integrated into the accounting system, removing the need to enter it manually.

Implementation and best practices

In order to effectively implement AI successfully, it is important to proceed gradually and set clear goals. Here are some tips on how companies can tackle the implementation phase:

  • Start small: start with a clearly defined area in which AI can bring direct benefits.
  • Ensure data quality: AI only works as well as the data that is available to it.

  • Education and training: staff should be trained on how to work with AI technologies.
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Benefits of AI for companies

  • Cost savings: automating routine tasks leads to a reduction in operating costs.
  • Increase in efficiency: AI facilitates faster and more precise decision-making processes.
  • Personalised customer service: services are more tailored to customer needs.
  • Competitive advantages: using the latest technologies means companies can stay competitive.

Huge potential for optimising business processes

AI and machine learning offer enormous potential for optimising business processes and improving customer service. A carefully considered and gradual implementation can help companies to use these technologies effectively and achieve long-term success.

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