Moving house: what do I have to think about?

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9. February 2024

About to move house and no idea where to start? Don’t worry. Our guide will help make your move stress-free and efficient.

Packing and planning: preparation is key

Moving can be pretty stressful, but good planning and advance organisation can help. So start sorting and packing everything in good time. Use different colours or symbols to mark your moving boxes and keep track of them. This way, you’ll know exactly what has to go where. And you can take the opportunity to have a clear-out! Think about what you really still need and get rid of anything you don’t.

Should you move everything yourself, or is it better to get the experts in?

From packing, we move seamlessly on to the million-dollar question: should you handle everything yourself, or might it be preferable to get the movers in? At first glance, it may seem tempting to save costs. However, the effort and time involved in moving house without professional support is often greater than people initially assume. A removal company not only has the expertise and equipment to ensure a smooth move but also brings the experience needed to handle unforeseen problems.

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Tips for saving on your house move

  • Plan flexibly in terms of time: some removal firms offer discounts if you can be flexible with your planning. It may be cheaper to move during the week or when not many other people are doing the same.
  • Do what you can yourself: if there’s anything you can sort on your own, do so. Packing up your things and dismantling your furniture yourself can save costs.
  • Compare prices: get quotes from several removal companies and choose the one that’s best value for money.
  • Be focused when you’re clearing out: reduce the amount of stuff you’ll have to move by selling or giving away things you no longer need. Fewer items to move means lower costs.

After you’ve decided on your moving plan, you’ll need to tell all the relevant suppliers, such as your Internet provider, insurance companies and the authorities. You can generally do this quickly and easily online too these days, although make sure you keep an eye on any notice periods or deadlines.

Redirection instructions and scanning service

Another vital element of your moving plan is your post, as you’ll want your mail to reach you in your new home. By instructing Swiss Post to redirect your letters and packages, you’ll ensure that they’ll all get to the right address.

💡 Tip: ePost offers a scanning service, which can be particularly useful when moving house. All you have to do is save your new address in the ePost app and activate the scanning service for this address. Find out more here.

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