Digital tools for the garden

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21. June 2024

These days, technology doesn’t stop at the garden fence. Here we show you which digital tools can make your gardening work easier and how artificial intelligence can help to keep your garden in tip-top condition.

With the right digital tools, gardening can be a lot simpler. Here are some of the best apps that can help with your gardening in various ways and assist you when planning what work to do.


  • Purpose: Plant identification
  • Description: With PlantNet, you can take a photo of a plant and the app will identify it for you. This is particularly helpful when you don’t know what is growing in your garden or are looking for new plants for your garden.
  • Pros: Free to use with a growing database.

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  • Purpose: Garden management
  • Description: Gardenize helps you to manage every aspect of your garden. You can add notes, take photos and set reminders – all to ensure that you don’t forget to water or fertilise your garden again.
  • Pros: The app also suggests tips on how to look after your garden and helps you to plan your gardening work.

My Garden by Gardena

  • Purpose: Irrigation planning
  • Description: You can use this app to create a digital model of your garden and plan a comprehensive irrigation system. You can even integrate Gardena’s smart irrigation systems.
  • Pros: Particularly useful for larger gardens and detailed irrigation plans.

Technological progress – using AI in the garden

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly large role in our day-to-day lives – even in the garden! Here are some ways that AI can make gardening that bit easier.

  • Diagnosing plants: With apps such as Plantix, you can upload photos of sick plants, and AI will identify diseases or pests. The app will then give you specific instructions to help you make your plants better.
  • Personalised gardening tips: Some apps, such as SmartPlant, use AI to suggest personalised gardening tips tailored to your specific conditions, e.g. weather, soil and type of plant.
  • Automated gardening devices: Smart robotic lawn mowers and irrigation systems, driven by algorithms and sensors, help you to keep your garden in perfect condition, without you having to put in all the hard graft yourself.

Your garden, intelligent and networked

The use of digital tools and technologies not only makes your gardening a lot more efficient, but also significantly lightens the workload. Whether you want to identify plants, optimise your irrigation plan or diagnose diseased plants, there’s a wealth of apps out there to help you do just that. Why not give some of these apps a go and create your dream garden with a digital helping hand?

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Useful apps for gardening

  • PlantNet: plant identification by uploading photos
  • Gardenize: comprehensive garden management solution
  • My Garden by Gardena: irrigation planning using a digital model
  • Plantix: use AI to diagnose plant diseases
  • SmartPlant: personalised gardening tips based on specific conditions

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