eArchive: How to digitise your company’s filing cabinet

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17. January 2024

Is your office space or basement plagued by overflowing filing cabinets that you have to keep for the statutory 10-year document retention period?


We have THE solution for you: The ePost eArchive. According to the Ordinance on Maintenance and Retention of Accounts (GeBüV), it has been possible to archive your documents electronically for about a year – provided that the digital archive meets all legal requirements. Our eArchive means that you can finally say goodbye to overflowing filing cabinets: Your business books, invoices, receipts and other important documents are archived in an audit-proof and legally compliant digital form here.


What exactly is a digital archive?

A digital archive works in a similar way to a cloud solution. It enables you to store documents in electronic form – irrespective of whether they are documents in digital form, such as emails or QR bills, or physical documents that are scanned. The key difference between the two storage solutions is that digital archives must meet strict requirements according to Article 9 of the Ordinance on Maintenance and Retention of Accounts to ensure that documents cannot be altered. Our eArchive fulfils all the requirements mentioned in this article, and ePost also guarantees that an original document is actually preserved in its original form. Every change is recorded as a new file via timestamping and the logging of all processes. This ensures that your invoices, receipts and other business documents are archived in a fully legally compliant and audit-proof way.




Only the annual financial statements, consisting of the balance sheet, income statement and annexes, must always be kept in written and signed physical form in addition to their digital form


What advantages does electronic archiving offer you?

Many companies are reluctant to digitise their archives for fear of high costs or too much work being involved. The changeover is surprisingly straightforward and inexpensive. Above all, however, the digital archive makes work processes safer and more efficient:


  • Legally compliant and audit-proof archiving: Electronic accounting meets all legal requirements.
  • Security: Even in the event of water damage or fire in the office, your digitally archived data are safe. They are also protected against hacker attacks and you can assign individual access rights.
  • Space saving: The digital archive replaces cumbersome filing cabinets in your office.
  • Time saving: Instead of laboriously browsing through file folders, you can find your data in seconds thanks to a simple full-text search as well as tagging and folder systems.
  • Location is unimportant: You can access your documents from anywhere and at any time.
  • Cost savings: Printing documents and renting storage space for filing cabinets are expensive. The digital archive makes both of these superfluous.
  • Up to date: The document versions are always up to date.
  • Efficient working: Important documents are quickly to hand, as are the papers required for your annual financial statements.
  • Environmentally friendly: Avoiding mountains of paper means that you are helping to protect the environment.


Do you think it sounds interesting? Then try eArchive free of charge for 30 days.


This information comes from KLARA Business AG.

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