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4. April 2024

In this article we will guide you through the many features of ePost that optimise your everyday business. You will find everything here that you need to know about ePost as a business customer – explained precisely and comprehensively.

Digitisation is changing the way we work. One of these changes is the way we share information. ePost is a platform that adapts to this change while ensuring the security and reliability of traditional post.

A safe haven in digital communication

ePost provides a secure platform for business correspondence irrespective of the channel. Whether it is invoices, letters or reminders – with ePost you can reach your recipients via any written communication channel.

Send, receive and track

ePost enables you to send your correspondence from any workspace with just one click. Receiving letters and invoices in the digital letterbox is just as straightforward. You have the option of subscribing to the scanning service for your company, which means you also receive physical mail in digital form. Another feature is ePost Monitoring, which provides an overview of all mailings and their successful delivery. You can obtain a detailed overview of why companies work with ePost in this article.

You should subscribe to the ePost easyLife Academy to stay up to date.

Store digitally

The requirement to retain documents is an aspect of business management that is often overlooked. This is where the ePost eArchive comes in: it enables you to archive your documents digitally and in compliance with legislation. This document management system (DMS) is more secure than a conventional cloud solution and meets all the requirements of the Ordinance on the Maintenance and Retention of Accounts (AccO). With the digital filing cabinet from ePost you can save space, costs and time. You can find out more about it in this article.

With ePost SmartSend you can send letters, invoices, pay advices, delivery notes or contracts from anywhere conveniently and easily – ePost takes care of delivery reliably for you. This happens via the most popular channels such as the ePost app, eBill or the traditional physical letter. Because your recipients have different preferences for how they want to receive their mail. SmartSend automatically detects the preferred delivery channel and dispatches your business mail accordingly.

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ePost features at a glance:

  • Save on printing, envelopes and paper: our certified printing partners automate your mailings.
  • No need to go to the post office: your letters will be delivered directly to Swiss Post by our printing partners.
  • Sustainability: all eBill or ePost app users automatically receive your mailings digitally – this saves resources and reduces CO2
  • Maintain an overview: with the ePost SmartSend monitoring feature, you know where your mailings are at all times.

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