Social participation: digital communities for older people

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12. December 2023

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it is our responsibility not to forget the older generation. During the lead-up to Christmas, when loneliness can be particularly marked, it is important to actively involve and support older members of society.

Platforms such as Seniorweb Schweiz and Quartierplus offer superb opportunities to exchange ideas with others, take part in virtual events and be part of a community. Not only are these platforms meeting places for conversations and joint activities, but older people can also become actively involved and share their experiences.

The art of sharing and connecting

It is also about consciously enjoying moments with our older relatives, whether through a visit, a phone call or a shared online activity. These small gestures of attention and sharing can help reduce feelings of isolation.


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Security in the digital realm

It is important to support our older family members in the safe use of the Internet. This includes passing on knowledge about data protection and secure passwords. For further information and practical tips on Internet security for older people, we recommend the following articles:

A digital future together

Our aim should be to shape a society in which the digital realm brings all generations together and where every individual finds their place, regardless of age. Integrating the older generation into the digital world is not just about technology, it is also a sign of our appreciation and respect. Enriching our life together through generational interaction is an important step on the way to a networked and inclusive future.


Note: this article is part of our series of articles “Fit for the Internet: digital skills for all ages”, which focuses on promoting digital skills across all age groups.

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