ePost, the perfect addition to your e-banking

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9. June 2023

Why ePost is e-banking’s best friend

Receive invoices digitally, pay them directly and file them: The ePost app enables all this in one place. Opening a new bank or PostFinance account is not necessary, as you can conveniently link ePost with your existing bank accounts.

You can use the ePost scanner in the app to digitise and process invoices that you still receive in paper format. You can easily transfer bills received through other digital channels to ePost using the sharing feature.



This means you have everything stored in one place and always to hand.

ePost is therefore the central place for networking the entire payment process from a single source, making it e-banking’s best friend. In this way, it takes account of the different requirements of each bank and simplifies the payment process. ePost and e-banking are well coordinated, and a single login ensures that all pending tasks are completed quickly. It is up to you whether you wish to pay your bills straight away on the due date or at a different time. ePost gives you a reminder notification of the deadline if required. 

ePost is the central place for the entire payment process.


Many banks are already on board with ePost. Other financial institutions are joining regularly.


This is because all e-banking really deserves a best friend such as ePost

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