Your ePost app is not sending you push notifications: we have the solution

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4. September 2023

Push notifications are a convenient way to obtain important information from the ePost app directly on your smartphone. But what do you do if they suddenly stop coming in? There are several reasons why push notifications do not arrive:

1. In-app settings: you may have disabled push notifications in the ePost app. To check this, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the ePost app and go to “My Profile”. 
    2. Then click on “Settings”. 
    3. Check that your push notifications are switched on. 
    4. If they are on, deactivate the switch – wait a few seconds – and then activate it again. Close the app and then restart it. This triggers a re-registration of the push service to the device.

2. Push Nachrichten Geräteeinstellungen: Sowohl bei Android als auch iOS kannst du für jede App festlegen, ob sie dich über neue Ereignisse benachrichtigen darf. Vielleicht hast du dort die Berechtigung für die ePost-App deaktiviert.  

For Android: 

    1. Open the device settings. 
    2. Then tap “Apps”. 
    3. ap the ePost app. 
    4. Now go to “Notifications”. 
    5. Then tap “Show notifications on”.  

For iOS: 

    1. Open the device settings. 
    2. Then tap “Messages”. 
    3. In Message Style, tap the ePost app. 
    4. Specify that ePost can send you push notifications. 

3. Standby / background data: both iPhones and Android smartphones offer ways to switch background updates on and off. This can cause problems with push notifications. 


Android: Android offers the “Optimise Battery Consumption” feature, which puts apps into standby mode to save battery power. This limits background functions such as displaying new push notifications. To receive new notifications, you will have to keep opening the app manually.  

However, you can also set an exception for the ePost app so that it never goes into standby. 
  1. Open the device settings. 
  2. Then tap “Apps”. 
  3. Tap the ePost app. 
  4. Tap “Battery” there. 
  5. Move the point to “Unrestricted”. 

iOS: on iPhones there is an option to turn off the background update to save battery power. If it is disabled, the ePost app only checks for new notifications when it is opened. To ensure that the ePost app can always send you push notifications, follow these steps: 

  1. Open device settings. 
  2. Then tap “General”. 
  3. Tap “Background Update”. 
  4. Set the slider to off on the ePost app.

In addition to the above options, your Internet connection may be unstable or you may have activated Do Not Disturb mode. If you have not found a solution to your push notifications issue in this article, please contact us at Support

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