The digital notebook: how to make use of the most popular apps

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4. April 2024

No more lost notes and forgotten tasks: we show you how to use note apps and digital to-do lists to better organise and simplify your everyday life.

Are you somebody who still uses pen and paper to make notes? Then it is high time you switched to digital notes. Because: how many times have you written down an important note on a piece of paper, and then you cannot locate it later? Or you created a to-do list that only turned up after the event? Digital note apps and to-do lists help you eliminate inconveniences such as this from your everyday life. They are easy to use and can be synced across different devices. This means you can take your notes with you wherever you go.

💡 Tip: use your phone’s voice input to take notes in your app when you are on the go. This is much faster and simpler than typing on a small screen.

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Popular apps in Switzerland

Different apps offer different features to suit your requirements. Here is a selection of the most popular apps in Switzerland:

  • Evernote is known for its robust note features and the capacity to save content in various formats such as text, images, audio and web clips. It also has sharing and collaboration features, making it ideal for team projects.
  • OneNote from Microsoft provides a more intuitive and dynamic user interface with better integration into the Office suite. With OneNote, you can enhance your notes with text, drawings, images and more, and access them on any device.
  • Todoist is a specialist to-do list app that helps you keep track of your tasks. With Todoist you can plan, delegate, prioritise and track tasks, all in one central location.
  • Apple Notes and Reminders are pre-installed iOS apps. The Notes app lets you create, edit, and share text notes, while the Reminders app helps you create and manage tasks. Both integrate seamlessly with iCloud so you have access anywhere, anytime.
  • Google Keep is a simple yet powerful note-taking app that is perfect for quick notes, to-do lists, and reminders. You can organise notes using colours and labels, and even link them to locations and times to create location-based and time-based reminders.
  • Notion is an all-in-one workspace app that combines notes, tasks, wikis and databases. With Notion you can create personalised workspaces tailored precisely to your needs. Whether you are an individual looking to organise your work or a team cooperating on a project: Notion gives you the tools you require.
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Tips for using the apps

  • Use categorisation: most apps allow you to organise your notes and tasks into different categories. Use this feature to sort your notes by topic or project.
  • Set reminders: set reminders for your important notes and tasks. This means you are reminded of them in good time and nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Integrate apps with other services: many apps can integrate with other services such as your email account, calendar, or even your social media accounts. Use these integrations to get the most out of your apps.

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