Captivating podcasts for chilled-out holiday moments

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11. July 2024

The summer holidays are just around the corner! While curling up with a book is always a great option, listening to podcasts is also a fantastic way to unwind, learn new things and hear interesting stories. Theyre the perfect choice for the beach, car and train journeys, or laid-back al fresco evenings. Here you will find a selection of podcasts with various themes and in a range of languages from business tips and true crime to inspiring success stories.

Business: Business Wars (English)

This podcast delves into the fascinating stories behind the greatest rivalries in the business world. Discover how Apple takes on Samsung, or how Nike competes with Adidas – and learn what tactics they use to gain the upper hand. These thrilling stories will make you see the world of business in a whole new light.

True crime: “Verbrechen” (Die Zeit) (German)

This is the perfect podcast for true crime enthusiasts. In gripping narratives, it recounts cases researched by the journalists of German newspaper “Die Zeit”. Each episode introduces a new story to get you hooked.

Technology and innovation: The Vergecast (English)

This podcast is produced by the journalists of the technology news portal “The Verge” and offers weekly insights into the latest developments in the tech industry. Join hosts Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn and Paul Miller for lively discussions about gadgets, trends and the digital future.

Science and technology: Quarks (German)

In the Quarks podcast, experts and journalists explain complex ideas in easy-to-understand terms – you’ll come away from every episode having learned something new. The podcast is based on scientific expertise and studies, and takes in a range of topics from astronomy to health technologies.

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Entertainment and society: Die Sprechstunde (German)

This much-loved Swiss podcast is hosted by radio DJs Moser and Schelker. In “Die Sprechstunde”, the pair inject humour and charm into everyday topics, personal stories and social happenings – all from the perspective of average Swiss folk.

Inspiration and motivation: How I Built This (English)

In this inspiring podcast, host Guy Raz chats with founders and innovators who have established successful businesses all over the globe. Enjoy direct insights into the challenges they have overcome and the things that motivate them.

History and culture: Au cœur de l'histoire (French)

This podcast guides you through the fascinating world of history, with lively discussions covering everything from relics to famous figures and major events. It’s the perfect way to expand your knowledge while you relax.

Historical figures: Il podcast di Alessandro Barbero (Italian)

This popular Italian podcast is hosted by historian and professor Alessandro Barbero, who tells us all about key events and figures in history.

Entertainment and humour: Gemischtes Hack (German)

Hosts Felix Lobrecht and Tommi Schmitt aren’t afraid to speak their minds. They bring a hefty dose of humour to current events, personal experiences and everything that life throws at us. This podcast is sure to get you laughing and blow away the cobwebs of daily life.

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Podcast recommendations at a glance:

  • Business Wars (English): Thrilling accounts of business rivalries.
  • “Verbrechen” (Die Zeit) (German): True crime cases from Germany.
  • Quarks (German): Science and technology made simple.
  • Die Sprechstunde (German): Entertainment and society from a Swiss perspective.
  • How I Built This (English): Success stories and motivation.
  • Au cœur de l'histoire (French): Historical events and stories.
  • Gemischtes Hack (German): Humour and entertainment.
  • Il podcast di Alessandro Barbero (Italian): History and famous figures.
  • The Vergecast (English): Technology and innovations.

Top tip: You can find all the podcasts recommended here in your favourite podcast player, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and most other platforms. Happy listening!

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