Why am I still receiving letters in the post despite setting up an ePost account?

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24. May 2024

You’ve registered for ePost, geared yourself up for a paperless future and then suddenly you find that physical post is still landing in your letterbox. Needless to say, this throws up a few questions. Below, we explain the reasons why this is happening and set out some potential solutions.

Why am I still receiving letters in the post even though I’ve registered for ePost?

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All documents issued by ePost partners automatically find their way into your ePost inbox. Nevertheless, the number of partners is currently still limited. If a sender doesn’t use ePost, unfortunately we’re not able to deliver their post to you digitally.

If, however, you receive a physical letter from an ePost partner, please check whether this sender is activated in your profile. It may also be that you’ve changed your address recently. If this is the case, for security reasons, digital mail will be paused until a new verification process has been carried out. You can do this verification yourself in your profile. Once complete, a new authentication code will be sent by post to your physical address and you will need to enter and confirm it before the service can be reactivated.

Is there a way to receive all my post digitally without exception?

In a word: almost. Our ePost scanning service gives you the option to receive almost all of your post digitally without exception, including post sent by non-ePost partners.

For a monthly or annual fee, we can open your physical post using a machine in our scan centre and immediately send it to your ePost inbox in digital form. Unlike traditional mailing, this process won’t involve any delays. If you would still like a physical copy of a letter, you can request this within 25 days, free of charge.

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What we can't scan:

  • SIM cards 
  • USB sticks 
  • PIN codes 
  • tickets 
  • Registered letters 

Please note, however, that we are not able to scan all types of post. Needless to say, mail items containing physical objects such as SIM cards, USB sticks, PIN codes or tickets cannot be converted into digital form. Likewise, hand-written addresses that cannot be read by a machine or unusual letter sizes are not compatible with the scanner. Letters sent by registered post are also excluded from digital mailing. So a little more patience is required before you can bid your physical letterbox a final farewell. But the good news is that, with our ever-expanding network of ePost partners and the continual improvement of our scanner, you are steadily getting closer to your goal of receiving more and more post digitally.

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