How to enter your names on ePost

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4. September 2023

Do you want to ensure that your digital mail arrives reliably? We show you how to maximise the chances of your mail being delivered by specifying your names correctly, via a few simple steps. 

1. Choose the correct combination of names  

The most important way to receive as much mail as possible digitally: ensure that your name is stored in the postal systems as well as in the ePost scanning service in exactly the same form that you receive most of your letters. 

In specific terms, this means: do most of your letters say “Hans Jürg Müller Meier”? Then state your name in that form. But if most people address you as “Hans Müller”, choose this name combination.

2. Make name corrections 

If you find that your names are not right, you can easily make a correction. There are two options for doing this: 

  • Online: visit the “My Post” customer portal at Go to “My Profile” and select “User Details”. You can make the address change and request the name correction here.

  • On-site: you can also visit a branch of Swiss Post. Name corrections can be reported at the counter there. Remember to bring ID to confirm your identity.

3. Ensure consistency 

It is not sufficient to have your name correctly entered in the standard postal systems: it is also important to save it in exactly the same way with the ePost scanning service. If there are differences, this could cause automatic sorting machines to have difficulty recognising the addresses. You will then receive your letters physically.  

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every letter will be digitised. But by entering your names correctly, you increase your delivery rate – and as we continue to evolve, we do the same.

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