The essentials: free of charge

The ePost app and its basic functionalities are free of charge. That means you profit from the following benefits at no cost:

1. digitale Post

Receive digital mail easily.

2. Dokumente ablegen

File documents digitally so they are always to hand and can be found again quickly.

3. Rechnungen

Pay invoices from the app.

4. Post Scanner

Digitize physical documents easily yourself with the ePost scanner.


The useful stuff: low cost

For a fee, ePost also offers products that complement the basic functions to make life even easier for you. You can subscribe to the ones you want in the ePost Widget Store*. At the moment you can subscribe to the following products:

*available via specific products in the app or via the web login

1. Post Scanning Service

"ePost Scanning Service": ePost scans your mail and sends it straight to your smartphone; just CHF 14.90 (inc. VAT)/month.

Invoices and normal letters are scanned; newspapers, magazines, etc. will continue to be delivered to your letterbox.

Want to get a scanned document in paper form as well? Then you have 25 days from digital delivery to order it for CHF 5.00.

This is just the beginning.

ePost is being continually enhanced. New products are constantly being added and new companies whose mail you can receive digitally are coming on board all the time.

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