Working from home and e-learning: working and learning digitally in Switzerland

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24. January 2024

Digitalisation has opened up new opportunities for us to work and learn. But how do you create your ideal home office, and what should you bear in mind when it comes to e-learning?

Set up your home office in a way that makes you feel comfortable and lets you concentrate while working. Pay attention to the ergonomics. A good office chair and a height-adjustable desk are worth their weight in gold. Natural light is the best possible light source, but a good desk lamp can also make all the difference. Use tools and apps to help you organise and structure your work. And don’t forget to create a space for taking breaks – a coffee machine and a cosy corner for relaxing are just as key.

The right technical setup will increase your productivity

When setting up your home office, it’s important not only to pay attention to ergonomic design but also to consider your technical equipment. A stable and fast Internet connection is essential if you want to work efficiently. A backup system, such as an external hard drive or a cloud service, is also a good way to prevent loss of data. Good hardware, including a powerful laptop or desktop computer and an additional monitor, can increase productivity, while a high-quality headset and a good webcam are vital, especially for video or telephone conferences.

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Work-life balance when working from home

  • Establish set working hours: to ensure a clear separation between work and leisure.
  • Use technology: apps such as Trello for task management, Slack for communication, and RescueTime for monitoring productivity will help you structure your working time and keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Take breaks: exercise, recovery periods and social contacts are important.

Now that you’ve set up your ideal home office, it’s time to fill it with knowledge. The wide variety of continuing professional development (CPD) resources available online makes this extremely easy.

Online CPD resources to work through yourself

The options available for online learning are virtually boundless. From courses in computer science to art and literature, there’s barely any subject that cannot be learnt remotely. One central contact point that provides a variety of e-learning resources specifically for Switzerland is, a portal that compiles and lists various digital courses, enabling you to find the right one for your individual learning goal. So it’s easy to find your way to knowledge online.

In the digital age, we have countless options at our disposal. We hope that these tips will help you optimise your home office and take full advantage of e-learning. Stay curious and open to the changes brought about by digitalisation, because they can open a great many doors for you.

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